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Welcome to Drag Central / F.A.Q
Hello racers,

Welcome to Drag Central, the most realistic drag racing and tuning flash game out at the moment. Drag Central is also online-multiplayer, so you can race other users for Fun, Ca$h, or Pink Slips. Or chat and share secrets in the chat rooms.

*How do I download and install Drag Central? 
Simply just head over to our downloads page ( click on the blue "download" link, open the installer and install the game to your preferred location. 

*How do I play?
Up and down arrow keys to shift gears. Drag the gas pedal to accelerate. 
First move forward into the staging area, when the arrow is in the green box and both top and bottom staging lights are on, shift down into Neutral. Try launching just before the green light to cut a good reaction time, thus increasing your chances of winning, but try not to foul because that is an instant disqualification!

*A blank error box appeared, what do I do?
There's a small bug where a blank error bug sometimes appears, we're trying to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, just close that small box and continue on. 

*How do I earn game money?
Earning game money is easier than most games, just race the computer and each time you win you will win $1,000. But be careful, losing causes you to lose $100! Eventually our store will be up which will let users purchase game money. 

If you have any more questions, create a thread in the "Questions & Suggestions" section of the forum.

Happy racing!
The crew @ Drag Central.

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